Accessing Everleap SQLServer from our DB Server

Discussion in 'Databases' started by Raymond, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. We are using a SQLServer 2005 DB and would like to connect to our NOPCommerce DB on Everleap. How can we create a DB Link to Everleap to access the data from a Stored Procedure in our DB?

  2. Im not sure I understand your question. Are you running NOP and the DB here or are you running one part here and one part elsewhere?
  3. We are running NOP and DB on Everleap but we have a GretPlains install locally and we have integrations that run off of local tables....

    Order is created on Website
    Data is stored in DB on everleap
    We have a stored procedure that needs to grab the data from the order and dump it into staging tables in our db
    Our DB is SQLServer 2005 and everleap DB is 2012

  4. the easiest is to go to locally to Linked Servers - New - (General Section) enter the everleap server of the database you are connecting to - Select SQL Server for Server Type - (Security Section) - last radio button - enter authnetication
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