Available now: direct access to SQL database backups

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    You’ve always been able to make a real-time backup of your databases in Control Panel, but if you needed yesterday’s database, or the one from the day before, you had to contact us and wait while someone over here retrieved it for you and dropped it into your site.

    That’s never been convenient or efficient, so we got to thinking, “Why don’t we just expose our daily backups to the customers?” And now we have. Effective immediately, we’re giving you direct access to our SQL database backups.

    These are the same daily backups we’ve always made for our own internal recovery purposes, but we figured it was a win/win situation to open up access to them. Now if you need a one or two day old backup you don’t have to wait, and we don’t have to fetch. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?


    The SQL Backup Date dropdown will display all of the available backups for your database. The Site Location dropdown tells us which site to copy the database into. We don’t restore the database, we drop the backup into the DatabaseBackup directory in your website.

    That’s about it. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Enjoy.

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