How to add a custom e-mail address

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  1. Hello, how can you add a custom e-mail address for example [email protected] in the control panel? Thanks!
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    Here's how to create email accounts in Everleap:

    1) Log into the Everleap Control Panel at
    2) Click on the Manage link next to your site.
    3) Click on the Email link.
    4) Click on the Enable Email button to enable email if it hasn't been enabled already.
    5) Click on the Log Into SmarterMail Manager link.

    In SmarterMail:

    1) Click on the Settings icon (2 cogs) on the menu to your left.
    3) Expand the Domain Settings folder and click on Users.
    4) Click on New.
    5) Fill out the information in the empty fields and click on Save.
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