How to increase database storage?

Discussion in 'Databases' started by mark, May 8, 2014.

  1. I need 20 or 30 GB of database storage how can I do it because the power pack wont be enough?

    Also the power pack says that it gives unlimited bandwidth is it TRUELY UNLIMITED of there are fair usage policy? And does one power pack apply to all the servers in a cluster or every server needs its own?

  2. mjp


    We don't have a method to provide 30GB of SQL storage space within the existing plan structure. But we are looking in to offering dedicated SQL, and if we implement that, the storage will likely be higher than the plans currently allow for.
    Our AUP answers the unlimited bandwidth question.

    But in all honesty, nothing is truly unlimited anywhere. Unless you are paying an unlimited amount of money for it. That's the reality of every online service, as I'm sure you know.

    There's a certain amount of natural balance that takes place (most users consume very few resources while a smaller number consume much more), but we - and every other provider - have to have an option to deal with excessive resource consumers. That's just a necessary safeguard for us and all of our users.

    So think of it as unlimited within reason. ;)
  3. I totally understand but because its a cloud hosting and some of the sites hosted would include videos and images (my sites personally is heavily dependent on user uploaded images) the bandwidth shouldnt be stated unlimited like a shared hosting but but $/GB above a certain number, because now Im kind of confused cuz I know I can add more resources but not sure about the bandwidth (this is just a suggestion cuz I have heard alot of good things about DiscountASP). Also dedicated SQL service should be offered so we as developers would know that we can scale without restrictions. :)
  4. mjp


    @mark, we'll have to discuss bandwidth over here and see what we can do.

    We are trying to avoid any metering ($x/GB) and stay with inclusive packages in order to keep pricing predictable. But we may be able to accommodate some sort of add-on system outside of the Power Pack eventually.

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