If Everleap comes with the managed hosting platform.?

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  1. I have been running my blog on the blogger. But, now I am planning to take my game to the next level and will be going for customized blog with a proper hosting channel. However, it is a well known fact that It is a very difficult job to host and manage the cloud hosting all by your own. So, is Everleap providing any managed web hosting platform like Cloudways, Flywheels etc.
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    Takeshi Everleap staff

    Our Everleap cloud hosting platform is self-healing and our service is fully managed - we handle all the server maintenance and security patching. Everleap also support .NET Core, ASP.NET and classic ASP, as well as PHP - unlike other cloud vps services that don't support Windows. We also provide SQL and MySQL databases that reside on database servers that are separate from the webserver for better performance and security - you don't have to pay for another server and licensing fees like you do at other vps providers to get this setup. Everleap also has different ways to seamlessly scale. Let us know if you have further questions and I hope you do consider Everleap.
  3. Although you claim that Everleap cloud hosting platform supports Classic ASP I am having issues with it. All works okay as was but if you want to edit an asp page it will not reflect what is changed unless the site is recycled. That is not really useful in the long term, particularly if you have multiple clients and every time the site is recycled it kicks everyone on it off. Is this something that anyone else has worked around in any way? I would appreciate any help available. Yes - I've already created tickets on this but can't seem to get anywhere.

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