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Discussion in 'Outages and maintenance' started by Martin Ortega, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. It seems to me that every time there is an outage, there is never a satisfactory explanation for what caused it. This type of inconsistency does not make sense for a "cloud" platform.
  2. My websites are coming up, but only some pages. Most pages result in an error message.
  3. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    Until we have confirm everything is up and running. Please continue to monitor this forum post.
  4. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

  5. Will there be any explanation of what happened, or will we be left in the dark?
  6. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    The problem started around 7:00 PM PST on 6/19/2018.

    The problem was caused by a failure on the backend storage. Our system administrators started a fail over that took a very long time to start back up.

    We'll be reviewing this outage to see how we can improve and prevent this from happening again.

    During this outage Websites, our control panel, and FTP were not accessible.

    Customer sites started working again around 8:58 PM PST. on 6/19/2018.

    About 35 minutes after the sites started working our control panel and FTP problem was also resolved.
  7. Might there be any additional information about the storage failure? And does a fail over need to be manually performed?

    My clients are asking if the Everleap platform is actually redundant on an automatic basis--including storage, web services and network connectivity. Or is intervention required when major components fail?

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