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Discussion in 'Databases' started by Krawma, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. The Everleap support has informed us that is an issue internal to Everleap with the SQL Server database server that is associated with our account due to a nightly backup connection error. I do not see any posts in the Outages & Maintenance forum so that we can follow the progress. Can you please let us know how we can do that please? Thanks.
  2. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    We normally don't post in our Outages and Maintenance forum when it only effects one person. Please reply to the ticket you have with us regarding the issue so we can provide you with a status update.
  3. Just one person - hahahahahaha ! Yes - good one. Apparently it's one of your "upstream providers" (again).

    So will there be a forum post about this so that we, and many of your other clients, can informed of what the problem is and when it will be fixed?

    Thank you for your spending your time with this - I know you must be busy.

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