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  1. mjp


    Did you see our email from a week ago, the one that said we were removing TLS 1.0 from all web servers?

    Yeah, that was completely incorrect.

    We removed TLS 1.0 from our web servers. Not yours.

    Not a minor error, but hopefully it didn't cause anyone any undue stress, strain or agitation. It certainly caused me some stress, strain and agitation, since I'm the one who wrote it and sent it out to all of you. :)

    In any event, the removal of TLS 1.0 from our servers means that really old browsers like IE 6, and older operating systems, like Windows 7 and earlier, won't be able to connect to the site (or account Control Panel) anymore.

    We implemented that change yesterday and haven't heard of any issues yet, but then we didn't expect to, as we assume that the typical Everleap user isn't tooling around the web on IE6...
  2. Eaton

    Eaton Guest

    Was wondering why nothing seemed to change on my site.

    Should consider removing it on customer servers too. More importantly, RC4.

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