Resolved and monitoring Private SQL Service Issue

Discussion in 'Outages and maintenance' started by Martin Ortega, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff


    We're currently experiencing an issue with our Private SQL Service. Please monitor this forum post for more information. We're working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  2. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    We're still working on the problem.

    This includes MS SQL database Private SQL server, MySQL Priviate SQL server as well as our Mongo DB Private SQL Service.
  3. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    Engineers are still working on the problem. No ETA has been provided but as soon as we hear more information we'll post it here. Please monitor this forum post.
  4. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    We're working with our vendor to get to a solution as quickly as possible. No ETA yet but we'll report it if we get one.
  5. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    The service is slowly coming back up. We'll reply back once the service has been restored. More details regarding this outage will be provided at a later date.
  6. It is back down again! Are you aware and working on it again?
  7. Ray Huang

    Ray Huang Everleap staff

    Yes, we are aware of it and our engineers are still working on a solution. I can provide a tentative ETA. The servers should be available 4 hours from now, hopefully sooner.
  8. Another 4 hours?! This is not good enough.

    Our business is dead in the water, and I am sure many others are in the same position. I dont understand how your platform can allow this to happen. Do you have fail over and fault resilience built in? You really need to explain to us, your customers how this has happened and what you are doing to prevent it in the future.
  9. It has been 4 hours since your last update, and the databases are still down. Do you have any updates? Are you making progress and getting close?
  10. dmitri

    dmitri Everleap staff

    We apologize for this extended outage. The issue is caused by the hardware and our system administrators are working with the hardware vendors to resolve it. There is no new ETA we can provide at this time. We will provide it as soon as we get it from our hardware vendors as well as the technical details on the cause of the issue.
  11. Frankc

    Frankc Everleap staff

    Most servers are back online now.

    We will send a follow up email detailing the issues tomorrow.
  12. dmitri

    dmitri Everleap staff

    All servers are now running normally. The issue is now resolved.
  13. We still need an explanation of the issue and future mitigation steps. 2 significant outages in as many months is unacceptable.

    We will need to start evaluating other, more stable, service providers.
  14. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    I wanted to follow up with this post regarding the outage. The following message was sent out to our Private Database service customers.


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