Questions re upgrading to a Reserved Cloud Server

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  1. 1. Is upgrading from a shared server to a reserved cloud server instant?
    2. Is there any downtime and/or migration involved?
    3. Is there an impact on database access or db server connection strings?
    4. I assume that the dbs will remain on the shared db server since private sql is different from reserved cloud server, correct?
    5. Any impact on SSL certs, email, other services currently running in the shared environment?
    6. Other than the obvious advantages, are there any gotchas to be aware of with such a move?

  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    1. Yes, the transition is seamless.
    2. No, the transition to reserved server is seamless and no file migration is involved.
    3. There is no impact on DB access when transitioning to reserved server.
    4. Yes, DBs will remain on shared DB server which are separate from the webservers. So that is why there is no impact. Private SQL server is a different service and will involve SQL DB migration and updates to connection strings.
    5. No impact on email service (as they run on separate email servers). There should be no impact on SSL certs. If you see any issues, our tech support can assist.
    6. I assume in the Shared server environment, you are only using one server. If you move to reserved server, you will only be running on one reserved server. You can scale out to additional reserved servers but each would incur a fee.

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