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  1. I am looking at installing a multi site version of Expression Engine. Typically you would create your main domain folder / and have your expression engine install located there. For additional domains you would create an add-on domain (cpanel / media templae etc) and would be automatically created / folder. You would then place an index.php file that would use the Expression Engine System folder within / Is this possible with Everleap? If i create a new Site on Everleap is it able to access the / folder structure? If not any suggestions on how to get this working? For reference here is the documentation on setting it up typically:
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  3. Thanks MJP for the quick response!

    I actually did give that read. I do have the Multi Site plan... and was going to setup 3 sites. Just wondering if you are able to access the other sites directly via a folder structure. So if i place files in's webroot can i access's folders where the CMS files are? This way I can use Expression Engine to manage all 3 sites from a single dashboard.
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    No. Each site has its own space and for security purpose application from 1 site cannot access others.
  5. Booo ok well if you have any suggestions that would be much appreciated. Was really hoping to port all my sites over :(

    Here's what they suggest: but maybe using folders on and domain name pointers with redirects to a sub folder with a separate index.php file would work as it could access the folder above?


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