Support for SSL Certificates with ECC

Discussion in 'Questions about Everleap' started by AlexAnd, May 25, 2021.

  1. Do you have plans to support SSL Certificates with ECC (Elliptic-curve cryptography).
  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    I'll bring it up with our team here. I do not think our SSL partner has such certs.
    Do you have any examples or links to resources about this type of cert?
  3. Let's Encrypt provides option to create such certificates. However, I can't import it - Everleap Control Panel shows error. RSA certs work just fine. I don't need to use ECC specifically, I just suppose it may work slightly faster due to simplier algorithm.
  4. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    Thanks for the additional information.

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