Will email from DASP transfer to Everleap?

Discussion in 'Questions about Everleap' started by jzahoor, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. We have a DASP account and are planning to migrate to EL in a couple of weeks.

    Changing the MX records will only point to the new mail servers. Will email sitting on the DASP email servers transfer to Everleap mail servers for all of email user accounts?

    Is this something we would need to request from support? If so, how long would this transfer take so we can add it to our steps for migration? Can we schedule this ahead of time?

  2. Ray Huang

    Ray Huang Everleap staff

    Yes, we can transfer your email, and you need to open up a support ticket. Takes about a day to get the migration done (more due to when our mail administrator can get to it than actual migration time). And yes, you can schedule it, and we'll try our best to make accommodations. We also can perform the migration for you if you'd like.

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