Distributed Caching on Everleap (Redis / Memcached)

Discussion in 'Questions about Everleap' started by ChrisB, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Is there any distributed caching solution available on Everleap? My understanding is that my application will be load balanced across 2 or more server which makes a local .NET object cache less than ideal. I know I could use one of the many cloud caching services out there but I'm concerned with potential network latency issues. My first choice would be Redis but Memcached would work too. Any suggestion/alternative would be appreciated.
  2. Frankc

    Frankc Everleap staff

    We do not currently support either Redis nor Memcache yet.

    In general, your web application should be served up by the same server unless the server is taken offline for maintenance.
  3. Any change on this? I think Redis or Memcache support would be a great addition.
  4. Frankc

    Frankc Everleap staff

    Sorry.. due to lack of demand. we abandon this feature.
  5. That's odd that there is no demand for distributed caching.
  6. Frankc

    Frankc Everleap staff

    Yes. I find that strange too. Please open a support ticket, we do offer custom solution that may fit your need.
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