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  1. Is it possible to use SPF entries with the mail hosting on everleap?

    I'm having trouble getting mail through to a client with a particularly tight mail filter and despite ip whitelisting etc we can't get mail through from everleap. Mail delivered via mailgun on the same domain works just fine. Mailgun has an SPF entry and my core domain does not.

    Edit: I originally made this question about DMARC, but realized SPF was probably more likely to be the culprit.
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  3. Should I use
    as the spf domain?

    Also worth noting the microsoft wizard link is dead from that knowledge base article.
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  4. Next question, how about DKIM ?
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    Thanks for the heads-up on the broken link, that's been fixed.

    You should use your domain, unless your DNS setup has removed or replaced the default subdomain that was set up when your account was created.

    I don't know about using DomainKeys, I'll ask the admins if we can support that.
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    From what I've been able to glean, DKIM can also be set up via TXT record, and the mail servers are set up to use the necessary generated cert. So we support it, but we don't have any documentation, and it's probably not something a lot of the support guys have dealt with (just because it's an uncommon request). So feel free to give it a try and if you need any help open up a support ticket and we'll see what we can do.
  7. Hmmm, I'm not sure how that would work. How would I know which public key to put in the txt record if I don't have the corresponding private key on the mail server side of the house? Likewise, if I generate a public key how would the server get the corresponding private key.

    I was able to find this specific to smartermail, but I don't seem to have access to that even when I login with the postmaster account.
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    If you open a support ticket they should be able to help you with that. They may have some internal documentation that I'm not aware of.
  9. I opened up a support ticket and after it got moved up to 2nd level support they activated mail signing on my domain and I was able to generate my private key and it gave me the entries I needed to add to my DNS, it was incredibly simple once it was turned on.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Glad it's working for you.

    We discussed this in a meeting on Wednesday, and anyone in support should be able to activate this now, for anyone else who's interested.
  11. If you can't configure your mail servers to dynamically use SPF records, you'll have to work with your Email or System Administrators to manually gather SPF record data and build your Allow List using a series of dig terminal commands.

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