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  1. Hello, I have a few questions:

    1. Do you support HTTP/2? (I believe this is tied with IIS 10) If you aren't running IIS 10, any timeframe when you will? HTTP/2 is an important evolution in HTTP and I want to use it.

    2. How does the reserved cloud SSD server upgrade work? Based on what I've read, sites can appear on any server. Does this mean sites will exclusively appear on SSD-powered servers now? And what about our site files? Are they copied to a new SSD drive right after the upgrade? I'm curious how this upgrade works, detailed information would be appreciated.

    3. Do you support SSL'd MySQL connections?
  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    For question 2:
    All your files are stored in a SAN so there is no file migration involved in moving to a Reserved Cloud Server. It's seamless. That's one of the cool things about the system.

    We have a cluster of shared cloud servers and three clusters of small, medium and large reserved cloud servers. If you are on our base plans, then your site is running on our shared cloud server cluster along with all the other customers who have the base plans. At any given time, there would be multiple customers being served from the shared cloud server your site is running on.

    If you upgrade to a reserved cloud server, then the load balancers will direct your traffic to one of the servers in the reserved cloud server cluster. For example, if you got a medium cloud server add-on, then the load balancers will send your traffic to an idle server in the medium cloud server cluster. Once the server is serving your site, the server is locked down from serving any other customer - only your sites will be able to run on that server. In essence, it becomes your private server. Once there is no more activity, then the server goes back into the pool. So your site does not reside on one physical server like traditional shared/vps/dedicated hosting. If any of the reserved servers go down, your traffic will go to a working server.

    As for Question 1, send in a sales ticket and we'll look into it.

    As for Question 3, we do not support SSL'd MySQL connections.
  3. Uh oh, what's going on with that? Can't be sending stuff over plaintext this day and age.
    When will that be enabled?
  4. Any answers?:)
  5. mjp


    We don't support SSL connection on the shared MySQL servers.

    We're preparing to launch Private MySQL within the next week or two though (similar to the current Managed SQL service, but starting at about a 60% lower cost since MySQL does not have the licensing fees that MS SQL does).

    I'll check and see if we will be able to support it there.
  6. Is there a specific reason you don't have it on? I don't think the requirement for a secure connection should be paying for a dedicated server.

    Is MS SQL unencrypted too?

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