How do I point a subdomain somewhere other than the root?

Discussion in 'Getting started' started by Brandon, May 1, 2014.

  1. I've added a subdomain to my site, which added a new DNS record for me.

    I've created a folder with the same name as the subdomain and put a dummy index.html file in it and then added it as an App Root.

    However going to the subdomain still points to the root and the hostingstart.html page is displayed.

    Have I missed a step?
  2. Any update on how to perform link subdomains?
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  4. The code method mentioned above is a redirect, which is poor for SEO as well as adding another roundtrip for each request.

    Is it possible to do rewrite to a subdomain or a folder below the root by modifying the web.config similar to this:

    I've set up the following test web.config in order to rewrite to a subfolder (/web1) and it doesn't appear to work, although I can browse to the subfolder directly.

    <rule name="Web1"stopProcessing="true">
    <matchurl=".*" />
    <addinput="{HTTP_HOST}"pattern="^(www.)?" />
    <actiontype="Rewrite"url="\web1\{R:0}" />

    I may have made some error, I'm just wondering if the architecture of EverLeap allows this method.
    Thank you!
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