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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Pedro Gomes, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. there is not a day going by without getting a FEW "internal server error" since I changed my hosting to everleap...
    I found everleap on the nopCommerce recomended hosting, and because I've trusted nopcommerce to develop my online stores (for a few years) I thought that they knew and trusted (enough) everleap to recomend it.
    But the errors and other problems with Everleap don't stop.
    I've already transferd a domain to Everleap and it's very fustrating to know that I'm spending time and other resorces with a hosting that simply doesn't work !!...
  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    Please contact our technical support department and they can look into this issue. Use the helpdesk or you can email directly support at

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