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  1. Hello,

    Are there any plans to host NoSQL databases?

    I'd like to see DocumentDB (and others) added to the list of databases offered.

    Please let us know and thanks!

    ~ Dave
  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    There are no immediate plans but nosql is on our list of product enhancements.
    There are other projects that are taking priority.
  3. Hello Takeshi,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear the idea is at least on your list. In the mean time, are there any solutions that we could use that might be compatible with our environment?

    I've been reading about RavenDB ( for .Net and thought perhaps it could work.

    What can you tell us about this idea?

    Thank you,

    ~ Dave
  4. mjp


    Raven will work in some shared environments, but it might need some tweaking. I know people have got it to run on DiscountASP.NET, but I don't recall anyone ever commenting on running it on Everleap.

    If you're just talking about testing you could probably get it to run, I don't know about any production uses though. Maybe someone has given it a try and can give some insight.
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  5. Hello again,

    Just a quick note to ask if NoSQL or DocumentDB is on the roadmap for this year?

    I'm currently using it for some of my projects on MS Azure but, would love to have it available here at Everleap.

    Please let us know and thanks,

    ~ Dave
  6. mjp


    We're currently evaluating a few things that we may be able to add this year, and some of those possibilities are database-related. We haven't forgotten about NoSQL.

    I know that isn't terribly specific, but when we have more information we'll pass it along.

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