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  1. I really like the idea of creating APIs to control items in the control panel.

    I think the cloudflare folks did a really excellent job of showing how you can expose APIs to control site configuration.

    You could take it a bit further and include site statistics in your API and this would let those people who are asking for a mobile application write one for themselves (and maybe even share it with others).
  2. mjp


    We have a Control Panel API at DiscountASP.NET, but based on the small amount of use it gets, we didn't make it a priority here. I'm pretty sure it's still in our development plan though.
  3. I can definitely see that, although it's probably fair to say that the Everleap customers are probably hosting a bit more serious applications than

    Good to know it's been thought about.

    Thanks for the great work mitigating the DDOS attack last week.
  4. mjp


    Generally speaking, that's true, yes.

    And thanks for riding out the DDoS interruptions.

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