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Discussion in 'Getting started' started by Rob den Boer, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys

    Sorry this is probably not Everleap specific and showing my ignorance here.. but I am after some recommendations.

    My site is just a Rest Interface for a cloud type service and has been running very well thank you. I am deploying straight from VS which makes deployment of updates a breeze!

    I have to the point where I want to deploy large updates with new features and want to have a test site for deployment to before migrating to production.

    My site has an SSL certificate and I really need the test to have SSL as well ( required for receiving events). The Production and Test also need different configurations. ( and separate database)

    What is the best approach? Do I really need to have 2 separate sites, with different URL's and SSL certs for this.. or is there some way to deploy ( from VS) to a sub directory of the production site?

    Many thanks

  2. Takeshi

    Takeshi Everleap staff

    Couple options:
    - I don't know the common name for your SSL URL, but if it is just your domain, then you can put a subdirectory in your current production site and then you can upload your test site there. Your SSL cert should work with the subfolder. You can create another SQL database and use it for your test site. Once your are good with your testing, you can just deploy up one directory and your site would be live.
    - If your configuration is vastly different, then you can get the Multi-site plan and then you can have two separate isolated sites - one for production and one for testing. But if you want to test with SSL then you will probably have to get another SSL cert for your test site.
  3. Thanks Takeshi
    So I can add a sub folder through my Telerik control panel and then change the 'Destination URL:' to include the subfolder?

    Sorry for not really support related questions and thanks again!

  4. Ray Huang

    Ray Huang Everleap staff

    Hi Rob,

    You put the sub-directory in both the Site name and Destination URL fields.
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  5. OK, cool , so nothing to add via the Portal.. just create a new directory.

    Didn't expect it to be that easy.. thanks!
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