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  1. I wrote Everleap support back in August 2014 asking when scripted SQL Server database backups and recovery mode changes would be available. Their response was:

    "At this time we don't have a API service but we're working on one so you will be able to create a program to automatically backup your SQL database."

    In addition, you all responded to a similar question about this here on the forums back in September 2014, saying:

    "We're investigating some third party off-site backup options that may be made available. ... We make backups ourselves for disaster recovery, and if you're ever in a pinch, we can often pull one of those for you. I understand that's not the same thing, but the data is all being backed up."

    This is becoming rather important for us, and I assume for Everleap, too, as it's hard to be considered a serious cloud service provider without offering this simple but very important feature.

    So what's the word? When will we have control over the backup of our mission-critical SQL Server databases hosted on Everleap?
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    We don't have a concrete date we can give you. We'll revisit this subject in our meeting next week and let you know what's happening.
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    Try this one out for now.

    It scripts your database and store the script on your local computer.

    Also note that we have your database backed up on a daily basis.
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  4. Thanks. Unfortunately, the script-based remote database backup support in SQLBackupAndFTP says it's just a "beta" feature and
    • they don't provide support for remote restoration using the resulting SQL DDL/DML scripts;
    • the SQL scripts assume they're targeting an empty database;
    • the SQL scripts don't treat text in sql_variant fields as nvarchars;
    • we've got hundreds of MBs of data in millions of rows to insert and index, which will take forever;
    • and this is made worse by their not adding NO CHECK to the CONSTRAINT additions, even though the data presumably came out of a constraint-checked db in the first place.
    I appreciate you mentioning that Everleap backs up our databases every day, but I don't think that's part of our SLA (or is it?) and management insists we account for our own backups.

    For now we'll probably stick with our homegrown solution, which scripts a browser on the Everleap admin site to force a backup and then FTPs the resulting file back to a local server. Hopefully you guys will have a more robust native option available soon.

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