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Discussion in 'Email' started by jzahoor, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. With DASP, our users were able to send email as if it came from their own domains, even though we used localhost as the smtp hostname internally. We just set the From/ReplyTo to their addresses and send away.

    1. With Everleap, we're now using and NetworkCredentials. Are we risking our domain getting blacklisted by doing this (different domain outbound from our mail server)?

    2. We could start storing clients' own SMTP hostnames and credentials in our db and use those for their own outbound emails from our application. Does anyone foresee any issues with that approach? I mean, their smtp servers blocking a send from with the Everleap environment since multi-domain emails would be originating from our domain?

    I suspect either options above would work since email clients are many and send emails from various environments as long as the credentials are ok.

    Having said that,
    3. I couldn't send email when running from my local machine running on IIS as localhost. I still used Everleap's sm14 mailserver and credentials. Send mail code worked when moved from my local env to EL.

    Anyone have any comments/experience/advice on the above 3 items?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Martin Ortega

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    1. You might risk getting the email message getting sent to the spam inbox at the receiving end since a different From field is being used.

    2. You can use a different SMTP hosting service in our hosting environment. If they don't use the standard outgoing ports of 25 or 587 you might need to contact our support department and ask them to open the certain port you will be using with your SMTP host.

    3. You might need to check your localhost SMTP service and make sure it's set up correctly.
  3. Thanks Martin.

    For #3, I'm using Everleap's and credentials for one of my email users. The only difference is that when running it locally via Visual Studio on my dev machine, it doesn't send the email but the same code works when hosted on Everleap. Since it isn't using a localhost smtp server, wouldn't .Net take care of sending the email from EL's smtp server?
  4. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    Can you try changing the outgoing port to 587 within your SMTP settings. You might be blocking the default port of 25 and that would explain the issue you're having.
  5. That worked, thanks!
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