Troubleshooting Suggestions for Cross Domain Login

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Randy, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    One of my clients has asked to have a login form on their site, which would log the user into my site. I have two domains myself so I am experimenting with logging from one domain into the other. I designed a simple login form that posts to an external login method on the other domain.

    The response is always 502 (bad gateway).

    I'm using Fiddler and can see the credentials being correctly passed. I ran the site logs through Log Parser Studio and didn't find any 502's. I have tried adding to my web.config and adding an action filter my external login method, to tell my server to allow this. Both sites are running https and in addition to the action filter, my login method has [AllowAnonymous] and [RequireHttps].

    Does anyone have suggestions about troubleshooting this?

    Randy Craven
  2. Martin Ortega

    Martin Ortega Everleap staff

    The 502 error message. Did you contact support and ask them to to check the logs? If not please contact support and ask them to check why you're getting a 502 error. Also provide the exact time and date the error occurred.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Martin, I will do this.

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