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  1. Hi guys, can we have some upgrades?

    MS SQL 2016
    PHP 7
    MySQL (my site has 5.6.15, that's from 2013)

    PHP 7 is a big improvement and would be great to see.
    MySQL seems to be really old (why?) so you should consider updating it to something more recent, and update it every few months or so.
    MS SQL 2016 would be nice to have.

    Hope you will consider these!
  2. Frankc

    Frankc Everleap staff

    MS SQL 2016 is coming soon

    PHP 7 doesn't ship with Azure. We are waiting for Microsoft

    MySQL 5.7 was announced in Oct 2015. We have been looking into upgrading. Is there anything specific you need from v5.7?
  3. Hello,

    Are there any plans to offer MySQL V 8.x?

    I've some needs to prototype some features using v. 8x and thought to ask.

    Please let me know and thanks!
  4. Hello,

    I'd like to setup a hybrid database and use both a relational database and a document store, which is possible with MySQL 8.x.

    Please let me know if you have plans to upgrade to MySQL 8.x.

    Thank you!

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